Aromatherapy skin care: From the Soil to the Skin

Aromatherapy is wonderful not only for inhaling the fragrant aromas of essential oils, but also to apply the same essential oils to the skin. Examples include various properly diluted preparations such as massage oils, mineral baths as well as sprays. There are many benefits to aromatherapy skin care which are beneficial to the user. This is because the molecular structure of essential oils are ideally suited for dissolving in the protective oily sebum of the skin in which they get easily and quickly absorbed.

Aromatherapy skin care is very safe to use, as well as being effective in tuning the body to the beneficial properties of essential oils. There are various uses for aromatherapy skin care, as they may be used to treat dry skin, oily skins, and normal skin, as well as in moisturizing creams and also for sunburns. Aromatherapy skin care does more than benefit the surface of the body; it works deep into the skin, and thus affects the entire organism and has positive effects on the human spirit and mind.

Aromatherapy Skin Care and Dry Skin

When the skin produces a protective emollient substance, that is called sebum. If there is not enough of it, it leads to the condition known as dry skin, and often is seen as being itchy as well as flaky skin, the treatment of which may be undertaken through use of essential oils. These aromatherapy skin care products are tenacious ,and have low volatility of base note oils such as patchouli, as well as sandalwood, which is especially suited in making dry skin preparations.

There are also people that have oily skin which are a result of an overactive sebaceous gland. People with oily skin need regular cleansing, and aromatherapy skin care products will be able to remove excess oil as well as prevent clogging of pores. A name well- known for making aromatherapy skin care products is Primavera.

Primavera's pure oils allow one to experience complete aromatherapy benefits, be they sensory aromatherapy, treatment of common ailments, or body soaks and steam inhalation. Another fine product is Bella Via Fountain of Youth, which is an aromatherapy skin oil with a signature blend that is refreshing as well as stimulating. It is useful for quickly absorbing into the skin to give the user a light, silky, as well as luxurious treat. If used regularly, it would assist in the prevention as well as lessening of wrinkles. Thus, aromatherapy can definitely be beneficial for the skin.