Wedding Scrapbooking: A Creative Way to Remember a Special Time

Weddings, whether they are large or small, are meant to be one of the most special times in a couple's life. As such, it is only right that it be remembered in not just thought, but in some tangible creative way. True, a wedding video can be a great memento, but for an added special way to remember this time, one might consider doing some wedding scrapbooking.

Wedding Scrapbooking: Not Just About the Actual Wedding Day

Some people may think that they best wedding scrapbooking has to do with memories just from the actual wedding day. While this is fine for couples who have a private ceremony, for those other couples that have a big wedding in which a lot of time is spent in preparation, wedding scrapbooking can encompass all of the memories surrounding the wedding process.

Wedding showers are always fun events, and lend themselves well to wedding scrapbooking. In addition to photos, include things in the scrapbook like a napkin or a small party favor. If the wedding shower is held at a special restaurant or function hall, include a menu or a pamphlet from the place.

Although bachelor and bachelorette parties can be rather risqué, for the couple with a sense of humor some memories can be implemented into the wedding scrapbooking process. Ideas include making a creative guest list of who showed up, and having those guests write down marriage advice. Each bit of advice can be cut out and placed next to a picture of that person that was taken at the party for a fun example of wedding scrapbooking.

Many couples choose to have a rehearsal dinner as part of their wedding festivities. At the rehearsal dinner, often family or friends will give a speech. If this speech has been written down, ask the speaker for it, because it would certainly be a wonderful thing to incorporate into the wedding scrapbooking process.

Then, of course, there is the honeymoon. This particular event in the weddings process lends itself well to the wedding scrapbooking process because there are so many different items that one could include. Honeymoons often involve lots of travel and attending special events, so next to pictures of the places that are visited, include transportation tickets, or the ticket stubs from events that were attended.

There are many more ideas that can be implemented into the wedding scrapbooking process, so one should look in wedding magazines, craft stores, and the internet for more options. Above all, just be creative, and have that creativity reflect the happiness that was experienced during this special time.