Enjoy Portable Scrapbooking with a Tote

If you've always wanted to dabble in scrapbooking buy never got the chance or if you are an avid scrapbooker but never get enough time, then portable scrapbooking is the way to go. Just the term scrapbooking conjures up images of a large desk with papers scattered all around, punches and scissors dangling about and stickers and glue taking up all the space. However, if you are even slightly organized, you can take scrapbooking with you when you buy a scrapbooking tote.

A scrapbooking tote comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like its owners! What that means is that because scrapbooking is now the third most popular hobby in the US and one out of four households has someone interested in scrapbooking, it is no longer for teary eyed moms fussing over their babies first steps.

Scrapbooking has come a long way since it was introduced and therefore much younger and more diverse people are getting involved. A scrapbooking tote will have lots and lots of pockets and this is a good thing because if you give every scrapbooking supply a home, it is easier t o find it and easier to pack up. Scrapbooking totes also have zippers and clear pockets so that small items like eyelets and beads can be safely contained. Scrapbooking totes also usually have wheels so that you can cart them around especially if you have heavy scrapbooking albums inside too.

Where Can I Use My Scrapbooking Tote?

When you're on vacation and finally have some minutes to yourself without the laundry or mopping calling out to you, you can just take out your scrapbooking tote and make a few pages or even hand made postcards instead of the cheap souvenir store ones

If you're short on space at home and do not have the luxury of a scrapbooking desk or even better, a room, then a scrapbooking tote can contain all your supplies and you can pull it out whenever you want to make your kitchen or dining table your scrapbooking space.

If you're really organized and task oriented, you can even wok on your scrapbooking layouts while waiting for your kids after soccer practice or dance lessons. If you're chauffeuring them from place to place like so many 'stay at home' moms do, then having a small scrapbooking tote in the car can help. This does not mean that you are scrapbooking obsessed; it just implies tat you like to do a little something for yourself and you need to squeeze in that time whenever you get the chance.