Enhance the Scrapbooking Experience with Scrapbooking Tools

There are many reasons for people to want to make a scrapbook. Perhaps it is just for personal use, much like a photo album, or perhaps it going to be given as a gift. Regardless of what it is for, scrapbooking is a fun hobby that can be as simple as using some favorite pictures, markers, glue and scissors to decorate memories upon a page. However, since scrapbooking is such a popular hobby, there are numerous other scrapbooking tools that one could use.


This may seem like an obvious scrapbooking tool, but it is also the most necessary one in order to get the look of the scrapbook just right. Scissors might seem as if they are not particularly interesting, but there are several different kinds of special scissors that make for great scrapbooking tools.

Indeed, scissors are not for just cutting straight lines. While some may be particularly skilled at using a pair of scissors to cut curves in scrapbooking items, there are many different types of scissors that are designed to cut special edges such as scalloped edges, which look great as borders for a page in a scrapbook.

Paper Punches

When one thinks of paper punches, one usually associates them with the three-hole punches that are typical of school supplies. However, paper punches as a scrapbooking tool are entirely different. These paper punches come in all different sizes and types, available in such shapes as diamonds, hearts, and circles.

The Sticker Machine

Perhaps the most amusing out of all the scrapbooking tools that one could purchase, sticker machines take flat objects like pictures and turn them into stickers. Sticker machines come in a variety of different sizes, the largest of which can turn something the size of a regular piece of paper into a sticker. People prefer this method to glue since it is fast and requires less cleanup.

All the Possibilities

With all of the options to choose from in regards to scrapbooking tools, one can easily want to buy all of them to save at a later time. This, however, can prove quite expensive, so the best idea is to buy one or two for a project, and after that only buy what is needed. In the end, tools or no tools, a scrapbook should be about the happy reflections of cherished memories.