Basic Features Every Scrapbooking Table Should Have

A scrapbooking table need not be a fancy configuration designed by an expert craftsman with a steep price tag. Any table can serve as a scrapbooking table if it is functional, not necessarily exquisite to look at.

Paper Dividers

Anyone who is interested in scrapbooking knows how the paper just piles up. When scrapbooking patterned paper, velum or basic card stock goes on sale, or even if it is full price yet perfect for the theme of your layout, you know you need to buy it. Instead of just piling up the paper in any odd place and risk crumpling, tearing or losing the paper, sort your paper collection with paper dividers in a scrapbooking table.

Some people buy special drawer cabinets to place the paper in so that they are in easy view, other use clear plastic bins that are stackable. The way you sort them is up to you, any organizing method will do as long as it helps you store and find the exact paper when you want to.

Some prefer to sort by color, so that all the shades of blue are together and all the hues of yellow in one place. Others prefer thematic sorting, such as school, vacation and Thanksgiving.

Magazine Holders

These are important accessories for your scrapbooking table as they provide you with the inspiration for your layouts. Again you can store entire magazines, or just clip your favorite pages and organize them by theme or ease of doing. So, for example if you need a quick card design, you just take out the 'easy' file as opposed to more intricate paper crafting ideas.

Contain Yourself

Choose from ribbon holders, rubber stamp boxes, scissor swivel stands and the list goes on. You need not buy all these things for your scrapbooking table all at once, but slowly and gradually you'll see the advantages of having like things together

Lock and Key

If your scrapbooking table is in open view or if you have expensive gadgets you wouldn't want your kids (or husband) to play around it, get a lock and key on some drawers where you can store $200 die cut machines etc.

Good lighting, a waste paper basket and a comfortable chair are other givens for any good scrapbooking table. Build your perfect scrapbooking table over the years and enjoy preserving memories for your family in your special little place.