Organize Your Hobby With Scrapbooking Storage

Most crafter will agree that one of the best parts of a creative hobby is the ability to collect supplies for those future creations. Of course, some of those creations may never actually see the light of day, but that doesn't stop the average crafter from heading to the store to stock up on the latest and greatest craft supplies whenever the mood strikes! One hobby that can result in a humongous, bordering on uncontrollable pile of stash is scrapbooking.

It is no wonder why there are so many options available on the market today for scrapbooking storage. How else is a creative spirit supposed to keep all of those papers, stickers and die cuts straight? The bottom line is that the more organized your supplies are, the quicker you will be able to create page layouts for your photo albums. And most scrapbookers would agree that the fun of the craft lies in the actual cutting and pasting, rather than the hunt for the "Happy Birthday" paper and the candle stickers.

Options for Scrapbooking Storage

So what do you do with that pile that keeps growing in the corner of your office? You organize it, of course! Before running out to purchase scrapbooking storage, take some time to sort through your supplies to figure out exactly what needs to be stored. Begin by making a pile of patterned paper, solid paper, stickers, dye cuts, and any other tools that you frequently use and accumulate for your hobby.

Once you have sorted by type of supply, you can go through each pile and categorize based on color, theme or season. The system that will be the easiest for you to use and remember will be the optimum system for your own organization.

Once your piles have been carefully put together, it is time to assess what types of scrapbooking storage systems will be the most effective. Remember, the key to good organization is in the ability to find a desired item quickly and with minimal effort. There are many excellent scrapbooking storage units that are tailored specifically to particular supplies; from scissor cases, to sticker binders, to paper bins.

There is even scrapbooking storage that is completely portable, so that you can tote your supplies with you to cropping parties. The best rule of thumb is to make sure that whatever scrapbooking storage system you use, it is easy to access and will keep your supplies neat and ready to use. Once you have successfully organized your creative center with proper storage for all of your scrapbooking supplies, you will wonder how you ever survived without such an efficient system. Happy cropping!