Planning Scrapbooking Rooms

There's no question that scrapbooking is a craft that requires a bit of space. If you are lucky, the space you need is all in one place. Any scrapbooker's dream includes a room devoted to scrapbooking. But if you can't manage an entire room, you might be able to scare up some kind of space devoted to your scrapbooking. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning those dream scrapbooking rooms.

Space Station

There are two basic areas in all scrapbooking rooms. You need an area for storage and an area for work. If you are already scrapbooking, you have those spaces. If you are like most scrapbookers, they are in different rooms. Decide whether to set up your work space where your storage is or your storage where your work space is. Take a look at your current work space.

Odds are that this is a multi-tasking area.You might use the kitchen table for scrapbooking, cooking, the kids' homework, paying the bills and any number of other activities. If you can do those other things somewhere else, take the kitchen area for scrapbooking. Otherwise, look at other places that might do.

If you have a dining room table, for instance, that is only used on special occasions; you might use it for scrapbooking the rest of the time. If there is storage in the dining room, consider swapping the stored items with your scrapbooking things. If the dining room is out of the question, consider whether the kitchen table activities can be switched to the dining room and the kitchen used for scrapbooking. One or the other could become the best of all scrapbooking rooms.

Or take a look at the place where you store your scrapbooking things. Is there a way to add a work space here? Don't worry about furniture or lighting. Those questions can come later. If the scrapbooking things are stored conveniently and safely, you may be looking at one of the scrapbooking rooms of the future. Is there a work space in that room?

Can a table, counter or unused bar be repurposed? You might be able to stack storage drawers to support an old door or piece of wood to create a work space. If you use your computer for scrapbooking, you can start by considering the area around it. Once you get your work space and storage space in the same space, you can start adding good lighting, a comfortable chair, a bulletin board or whatever you envisioned in your mental collection of the perfect scrapbooking rooms.