Use Scrapbooking Pages to Chronicle Fun Events

Scrapbooking is a wonderfully creative way to capture the fun associated with a special event. However, scrapbooking is not always easy, since there are so many ways that one could decorate a scrapbooking page. Following are some ideas as to how one could decorate their scrapbooking pages.

Scrapbooking Pages and Birthdays

Birthdays are always fun events to remember. Birthdays also lend themselves easily to scrapbooking pages, especially when it is a milestone birthday.

If a parent wants to make some scrapbooking pages to remember their child's first birthday, the scrapbooking pages should not contain just photos and cards! On some decorative paper fashioned to look like a birthday gift, a parent might list all that the child has learned in that year. Also, perhaps the child was given a special balloon saying something like "Baby's First Birthday." That can be folded and tucked into a scrapbooking page as well.

Many people commemorate a 50th birthday in humorous ways. Scrapbooking pages for such a birthday could include a page dedicated to some favorite "over the hill" jokes. For an especially personal touch, one could have family and friends write a special memory about the birthday person, and that in itself could be made into a scrapbooking page.

Scrapbooking Pages and School Memories

A popular idea is to make a scrapbook filled with items from a child's school years and finish it with their graduation from high school. Things to include in such a scrapbook would be schoolwork that the child got a perfect score on, report cards, and tickets from school events. Such a scrapbook could culminate with the last page being the program from the high school graduation ceremony.

Scrapbooking and Beyond

The fun thing about scrapbooking is that it does not have to be focused on any one thing, it can also be a scrapbook dedicated to a favorite entertainment personality or hobby. For example, if one loves to paint, photographs of the paintings could adorn the pages along with captions about the subject of the paintings, or perhaps programs from art shows in which the paintings were featured.

Scrapbooking pages can be as simple or as ornate as one wants them to be. The idea is to decorate the pages in such a way that one can go back, look at those pages, and happily relive those special memories all over again.