A Scrapbooking Organizer for the Sake of Your Family

Many scrapbookers will attest to the fact that true scrapbooking takes A LOT of space. None of the supplies are very big, sheets of paper and sheets of stickers don't actually take up much room, but the important thing to remember is that in order to use all those sheets of stickers, you have to know what you have.

If the sheets of stickers and the die-cuts are buried at the bottom of a drawer, they don't stand the slightest chance of getting used. In order to avoid this kind of scrapbooking storage disaster that means that none of the supplies get used, scrapbookers spread their supplies across a large, flat surface.

Many times this happens on the dining room or the kitchen table. Ideally, it would happen on a scrapbooking-only table, and when it was time to eat dinner, nothing would have to be moved from the table in order to eat. However, most people don't have the space for this; this is where the market for scrapbooking organizers comes into play.

What is it Exactly?

A scrapbooking organizer can take many physical forms, but the idea behind it is to organize all of one's scrapbooking supplies into one place. The idea is to avoid shoving everything into a drawer where it is inaccessible and therefore will never be used. The idea is to keep all of the supplies accessible, and keep them organized.

For example, if you're looking for a specific die-cut, you shouldn't be sifting through a pile of stickers in order to find the die-cuts that are wedged in between the sheets of stickers. Ideally, all of the die-cuts are together in one place, and all of the stickers are together in one place. Paper has its own place, and special scrapbooking scissors are in their own place too. A scrapbooking organizer keeps everything in its own place.

Mega scrapbooking organizer fans even organize their stickers into themes. Within their organizer, there's a spot for Christmas stickers, another spot for sports stickers and another spot for household stickers. Although most scrapbooking organizers don't offer the opportunity for this to happen naturally, highly organized people can pull it off. The most effective organizers have a lot of clear compartments so that you can see exactly what is in each spot within the scrapbooking organizer.

If your organizer requires you to empty everything out of black pockets in order to see what you have, your organizer is not going to save your family from the scrapbook-taking-over-the-table syndrome that so many American families are now complaining about.