Scrapbooking Font: Enhances Your Theme

Whether you add headlines to your scrapbooking pages or stick to ordinary journaling, you probably have some kind of writing on your pages. After all, without the words a scrapbook is just a photo album with lots of color. Your computer's word processing program probably has a good selection of the usual types of font.

There are two ways to add to your fount of font. For your scrapbooks, you can easily find lettering stencils in several styles at your local craft store or your favorite online craft supplier. You can also download fonts - free or for sale - from a variety of sites online. If your scrapbooks are digital, the choice is easy. For the less virtual kind, your choices of scrapbooking font are many.

What do you Need?

If you choose to track down a good scrapbooking font online to print out for headlines and journaling, a simple search will reveal hundreds if not thousands of choices. You can choose to use your scrapbooking time looking at them all or you can choose to get the one or two you need and get back to the album. Start with the scrapbooks on your planning list.

What theme or themes will you be working on? Some selections are easy. A baby scrapbook will be great with the addition of an alphabet block font or a crayon type. A wedding book needs something romantic and a winter wonderland scrapbook could use some snow topped letters or a headline carved from ice. The point is that when you are searching for the zoo fonts; don't waste time in the birthday section.

Use your imagination, and then use someone else's. You won't need a special font for every scrapbook and you won't need the special font for every page in it. But when you have that special scrapbook in development and you just can't find a scrapbooking font that's right from the usual places, go looking for one. Starting, of course, with an idea of what you need.

Nothing will discourage a scrapbooker as quickly as a stroll through a seemingly unending sea of fonts. Even a vague idea of what you need will pare them down quickly. Should the scrapbooking font be funny? Should the scrapbooking font have a nature feel? Should the scrapbooking font inspire beachy thoughts? Once you know what you're looking for, you should be able to recognize it quickly. Your scrapbook projects are a place where you should say what you need to say. The right scrapbooking font will help convey the message.