3 Other Things You Can Do with a Scrapbooking Desk

When you first bought your scrapbooking desk, you though you would be churning out layouts one after the other; however, it didn't turn out that way for whatever reason and your scrapbooking desk is an empty, barren space for in between your cropping sessions.

Here are three ways you can get more out of your scrapbooking desk.

Creative Card Corner

Instead of running to the nearest Hallmark store when you suddenly remember a birthday or settle for a generic card lying around, keep your scrapbooking desk stocked with basic card making supplies. Buy value packs of plain cards when they go and sale and whenever you get the chance start working on them, for any holiday or birthday you can see coming up. That way at the eleventh hour, all you'll need to do is write or print a favorite sentiment, add your greeting and voila, your hand made excusive card is ready and it didn't take even half as much time as the recipient will think it did.

You can also keep gift tags and small note cards handy when you have a last minute gift to give and you want it to look special. Cut out shapes and sizes of different gift cards, punch in the hole and insert the ribbon. Add an embellishment and keep them ready, so you just have to rub-on, stencil or write the name.

Craft Central

If you want to pass down your love for paper crafting to your kids, you might not find them as interested in scrapbooking from the start. Invite them to your scrapbooking desk so that they can experiment with some grown up stuff too. Always lock away expensive and hard to find stuff lest it gets damaged, but let them play with the regular scrapbooking materials so you can share a joy with them. Help them use the supplies and make frames, hand made gifts for grandparents, door knob hangers and the like.

Expand your Horizons

A scrapbooking desk doesn't have an inherent rule that it can only be used for scrapbooking. Make use of the many drawers and nooks to organize some other art you are interested in like jewelry making for instance. The containers you use to sort eyelets and other embellishments can double as bead and gem organizers. You can use your paper dividers to hold cut outs of jeweler templates or designs that caught your fancy in a magazine.