Four Kinds of Scrapbooking Businesses

Operate a Scrapbooking Store

This is the first and most obvious scrapbooking business one can think of. While many large national retailers like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann offer a huge variety of scrapbooking supplies, many avid hobbyists still like the personalized attention which they receive in smaller, independently owned scrapbooking businesses. Of course, this requires a substantial financial investment and has the risk of not doing as well as expected; but the possibilities of earning good money while dabbling in something you enjoy doing is worth the effort.

Draw up a solid business plan, research the market for competition, approach a lending institution and secure a good location. After that is covered, comes the funs tuff of attending scrapbooking conventions and stocking up your store.

Sell Scrapbooking Supplies

By becoming a consultant for Creative Memories, Stampin' Up! or any other such business, scrapbooking enthusiasts can sell supplies at parties, fund raisers, schools and even online. Details vary from company to company, but usually the scrapbooking consultant earns free products, commission on quantity sold and number of parties held.

Offer Scrapbooking Services

If you enjoy scrapbooking but do not want to or can not invest large amounts of money, you can offer your scrapbooking services as a business. All you need initially are some business cards and a portfolio of the work you have completed thus far. Then spread the word amongst friends and family and offer reasonable rates to begin with. You can offer to use your own supplies or use the supplies chosen by the person who the scrapbooking album is for. Ask them for what kind of style they would like from your portfolio, settle on a rate per page and decide on a deadline.

The most important thing is to ask the buyer to provide you with her or his best photographs per age. That way you won't run the risk of not including their favorite shots.

Teach Scrapbooking Classes

Inquire at your local community college or park district if they would like someone to teach a scrapbooking class. This can become a lucrative scrapbooking business, because not only will you get paid to teach a class, you will establish contacts that can help you if you have your own store, if you sell your scrapbooking services or if you sell supplies. Build a network of scrapbooking enthusiasts through a class and give discounts if you get referrals to other places where you can teach - and the cycle will go on.