Keeping Photos Safe for Scrapbooking Archivers

When you think about the first item you would take out of your home in the event of a fire, many will say family photographs. Those old pictures are important to us as a means of preserving the memories of the past, and many are irreplaceable. That is why scrapbooking archivers devices where you can hold safe materials have become so popular in recent years.

Many products have come onto the market that will help to preserve your family photo heirlooms, by preventing them from fading or becoming discolored. These products come in a huge variety of colors and styles, to make your scrapbooking not only safe for your photographs, but creative and fun as well. Once the scrapbooking bug bites you, you wonder what you ever did without your patterned papers and stickers to keep you busy! And your family and friends will delight in perusing your beautiful page layouts in your family albums.

Everything Must be of the Best Quality for Scrapbooking Archivers

The rule of thumb to follow when creating archival scrapbooks is that everything that comes in contact with your photos must be acid-free as well as lignin-free. Any album supply that you buy should be labeled with this description before you place it anywhere near your pictures. This includes the papers, stickers and die cuts, as well as the pens, paints and mounting adhesives that you choose to use. Fortunately, nearly everything that you find in a store devoted to scrapbooking archivers is of the highest quality, and most items that you find in the scrapbooking aisles of craft stores will be photo safe as well.

What Should I Include in the Scrapbook for Scrapbooking Archivers?

You will run into the most trouble of finding scrapbooking archivers supplies when you begin branching out into other materials, such as fabric and ribbon trims. Many of these objects will not be acid-free, which can cause damage to your photos after time. If you choose to use an adornment in your scrapbook that is not archival, make sure that the item does not touch your actual photo in any way.

Protect the back of your picture by mounting it on a piece of acid-free cardstock, before placing it on a piece of fabric. If you use stickers in your scrapbooking archivers do not place them on the page where they will be in direct contact with your pictures. This will help ensure that the acids in the item will not cause your family photos any damage.

There are many scrapbooking archivers, and so it is important for these people to know that there are many resources that are available to them.