Scrapbooking: Preserving Cherished Moments for Posterity

Anybody who wishes to start scrapbooking may find the first page to be a bit of a challenge that may seem somewhat daunting at first and choosing an album and putting together supplies as well as getting all the photos together are just the tip of the iceberg that is called scrapbooking. Scrapbooking can also be a hobby that would help to preserve the most treasured moments in life for posterity and there are eight essential steps that a beginner should know about.

Eight Essential Steps

In the first place, the photos need to be sorted out into themes or topics and then one can select a set to begin work on. Then, one should select a few colors of acid-free paper or cardstock that should complement the photos.

Once that gets done, then pick one photo which will be the focus of the page and if required, the photo may be cropped. This should be followed by selecting photos to mat which is a good way of highlighting the main focus of the photo and then add some journaling. One may also add extras such as stickers and embellishments and then, finally arrange all the items to the pages and adhere.

Once one has the photos and have the budding desire to transform oneself into a scrapbooker of note, there is need for obtaining scrapbooking supplies and with so many products available one may feel quite lost, to begin with. In any case, you would need an album, refill pages for the album, a pair of nice sharp scissors, some adhesive, cardstock and printed papers and also some journal pens.

Of course, an important aspect to scrapbooking is journaling for without journaling the photos on the scrapbook may end up being meaningless, especially when the years pass by and with fading memories, the pictures might not hold quite as much meaning as they did in the beginning, Journaling involves narrating a story that accompanies the photographs and may include a date as well as title or it may be formed in long paragraphs. Three important aspects of good journaling include writing from the heart, using a poem or quote and sparingly using fonts.

Once the scrapbooking basics have been mastered, there should not be any problem creating a nifty scrapbook with which to share the finished pages with others, including near and dear ones. One may also like to share the scrapbook with other scrapbookers as this is one way of finding inspiration and creating even better scrapbooks.