The Classic Look of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Metal has been used for roofs often during the centuries. Like everything else, roofs go through fashion fads. The standing seam metal roofing look is back. They are especially popular for restoration projects, such as for historical homes and covered bridges. They are especially recommended in areas that get a lot of snow and need the snow to slide off as soon as possible. You might be thinking that any kind of metal roof looks like rusted tin shacks on abandoned farms. Think again.

Quite A Mouthful

Bet you can't say, "Standing seam metal roofing" three times fast. No mater how peculiar it sounds, standing seam metal roofing can offer a roof that drains water off of your home, is fire-resistant and lightweight. Over time, the bumpy, dumpy tin roof can be made to look more like terra cotta, wooden planks or ceramic tiles.

And it has a long, funny name for a practical reason. Standing seam metal roofing is put together in pieces using upturned joints to interlock them, akin to intricate joinery in woodworking. So, instead of nails, standing seam metal roofing tends to use hidden fasteners or clips. Where the pieces join together, the seam, helps make drainage grooves. Also, they are placed one partially on top of another, making some pieces stand on another. This small detail makes your home look absolutely fabulous.

Never Off The Rack

One of the reasons why many roofing contractors and builders love standing seam metal roofing is that it's easy to install. That means less days of creepy construction workers crawling about the house, and less money spent. You can't buy this kind of roof from any home improvement store. It needs to be custom fitted to your unique home. The pieces, or panels, can be bought ready made and fitted to the home, or you or your hired contractor can cut the panels themselves at your home and stick them on the roof. Because this style is reliant on being in small panels that need to be fitted together, these construction methods are quick to do.

Standing seam metal roofing comes in a variety of colors, not just gray. They also can be textured to not look like metal. These extras might cost you more, though.

One other advantage of standing seam metal roofing is that it lasts for decades. You still need to have the roof regularly checked, just to be on the safe side, and your roofing installer might also provide routine roof inspections. That way your home will look stylish for years to come.