There Are Good Roofing Contractors in London

One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner in London is needing a new roof. It's easier handling a death in the family - at least you get sympathy then. The neighbors give you dark looks when the builders start at daylight and hang around for weeks. You also have to worry about the fickle London weather. And not only that, the media is full of reports about "cowboy builders", who take the money and run. Don't worry so much. There are good roofing contractors, London. It just takes a little detective work to find them.

They're Not All Out To Get You

One of the first places you can go to check for good roofing contractors in London is The National Federation of Roofing Contractors which has its offices in Weymouth Street. They are also strong allies of International Roofing Contractors. Roofing contractors, London or anywhere else, have to pay dues and follow a Code of Practice in order to be allowed to stay a member. Check with them to see what members they can recommend to you. And if you have a complaint about one of their members, they want to know and will try to help.

You know the old saying, "One rotten apple spoils the barrel." This saying is especially true with roofing contractors in London. Roofing contractors want to stay in business. It's actually more expensive to set up a shop, cheat customers and keep on the run from police, irate customers and Watchdog. It pays them to be as good a roofer as they can be. Yes, there are "cowboys" out there, but they are an endangered species.

Questions, Questions

One of the best and easiest things you can do to tell the "cowboys" from the good roofing contractors in London, is to ask questions. Don't be shy. Ask about money, when payment is due, how long they've been in business, when they can start, what their materials will cost, why they need those materials, what procedure they're going to do, where they can be easily located and get it all in writing. If they cannot explain anything clearly to you, treat you condescendingly, or put pressure sales tactic on you, time to show them the door. They're the "cowboy" roofing contractors.

And ask your friends, trusted family members, your bartender, even local businesses about what roofing contractors they can recommend. Many banks have lists of tradesmen they approve of they will share with you (in other words, they are willing to give you a loan if you decide to go with the roofer they recommend).