Basic Information About Roofing Contractors In The UK

Roofing contractors in the UK are not very different than roofing contractors in the states. There are laws and codes to follow and certified licensed contractors. In the UK there is a trade group called "The National Federation of Roofing Contractors." They work together for the betterment of the roofing trade and are a force to legislators. Some of the things they do are show that their members are safer with fewer accidents than those that roof on their own.

They also put out any changes in the law so that all of the members know about them right away. One example is the law that requires roofing contractors in the UK to notify Building Control when at least twenty five percent of a roof is being replaced. Without the over all group, many might not realize the change in the code.

One difference about roofing contractors in the UK is how to locate one. For residential work, a person needs to search for a Trustmark domestic property contractor. That is the name for residential roofing contractors in the UK. If on the other hand a commercial contractor needs to be found, a person or company would look for a commercial or industrial roofing contractor.

More On Roofing Contractors In The UK

One great thing about the NFRC is that they only accept the best roofing contractors. All trademark contractors are inspected every three years and previous contracts are gone over to ensure the very highest standard of contractors.

There is a vetting that is done for each contractor and includes a long enough time for contractors to show competence in their work, inspecting previous jobs to make sure that everything is proper, compliance with health and safety legislators, compliance with NFRC code of practice as well as British and European codes of practice. They are also looked over to see that they have health coverage, and finally, the competence shown for the many different types and materials of roofing.

Roofing contractors in the UK are subject to codes and standards that sometime surpass even the codes in America. If someone is looking for a roofing contractor in the UK, they know they are hiring competent people who will do a good job.

There is a lot of history in the UK and many homes that have complicated roofs that need to keep their period look with craftsmen in the twenty first century. With the NFRC looking over the shoulders at the contractors, people can be sure that the quality and competency are high and up to the standard of the NFRC.