High Rollers: Roll Roofing Basics

Almost everybody needs a roof over their heads. But there are so many different kinds of roofs and roofing materials to choose from. How do you which are best for your dwelling? It is a big investment and needs to continually work for years, through wind, rain and heat. You can't just pick the first roof that blows along. You wouldn't pick a wife or husband that way, would you? And, quite frankly, you need your roof to be a lot more dependable than any wife or husband can be.

Ask yourself these questions:

- What is the shape of my roof?

- What do I need my roof to protect me from the most?

If your roof is basically flat or has a very small downward angle AND you live in a place that doesn't get a lot of precipitation, consider roll roofing in place of or to strengthen a shingle roof.

Advantages Of Roll Roofing

Many roofing contractors and builders recommend roll roofing because it's easier to install than most other kinds of roofing. Instead of nailing on one shingle at a time, roll roofing literally comes in tall tubes that roll on, hence the name. It comes in a variety of lengths and weights, so you're not stuck with just one choice. And the less time it takes for the contractors to work, the less expensive their bill. You can try to install roll roofing yourself, but only if you have experience. This is one part of the home that you should net take chances with. When put on right, roll roofing doesn't need to be replaced for ten years, on average.

Most roll roofing is made of asphalt. Asphalt is weatherproof, easily available, low-maintenance, and resistant to fire and wind. It's also about the most inexpensive roofing material in the country.

What Are The Odds

Roll roofing is not the magic potion to all of your roofing worries. It does not have the lifespan of slate or metal roofing, for example, which is why roll roofing is so affordable. But you might not be able to afford such expensive roofing options. Buildings have a tendency to want to be repaired at the most financially inconvenient times for their owners.

If you don't intend on spending the rest of your life in your current home, roll roofing is a very attractive option. If you do wish to spend the rest of your life in your current home, carefully weigh the odds of roll roofing. Your roofing contractor might have suggestions of shingles that later might be nailed over the roll roofing to give added strength. Like for any other major decision, do your homework. Ask your trusted friends and family members how they got their roofs fixed or replaced and how happy they are with the results.