Plywood Roofing: Send In The Microhomes

You don't need to be psychic to see that the future is going to be crowded. Although medical science has eliminated many diseases and prolonged life, the world is going through an unprecedented population explosion. The American dream is to own your own large home with a huge lawn and a white picket fence. Time to wake up and smell the Census. The population is growing but the planet isn't. In fact, with global warming, there might soon be less dry land to live on as ocean levels rise.

Don't be surprised if soon construction projects center not on mini-mansions but microhouses. There are very small one room homes of about 100 square feet with plywood roofing. Think about it - if you live by yourself or one other person, how much room do you really need? Not much, if you take away all of the excess stuff you really don't need to comfortably survive. Although you may not be living in a microhome now, you can get plywood roofing.

Plywood? Excuse Me?

There are many kinds of plywood and many, like pressboard, are not suitable for outdoor use. There is exterior plywood, strong and weatherproof. It's often called EXT and comes in grades A-A, A-C and CC. There are grades of exterior plywood called "shop grade" and "mill grade", but they are not recommended for roofs, unless it's for storage sheds, doghouses or birdhouses. Often any kind of exterior plywood roofing will be coated in flame resistant chemicals.

Chances are you may have some kind of plywood roofing already. Plywood is often used for siding and to underlay other roofing materials. A common roofing material is called plywood sheathing, which is cheap and strong but does not have the long life of slate or metal roofing. However, it can strengthen shingles and help keep your shingle roof level.

Exterior plywood roofing, in the hands of a good roofer, can help save you money and keep your roof from leaking during the times you have to have a new roof but don't have a lot of money. So, if your roofer tells you he's putting in plywood sheathing, don't wince. Just kick a piece of exterior plywood. Hurts like heck, doesn't it? And the plywood wasn't damaged at all.

Housing Of The Future

With global warming, a rising human population and constant moving from town to town, microhouses with plywood roofing might be the housing trend of tomorrow. They are small, can easily be made and just as easily disassembled and moved if need be, and are biodegradable. Microhouses cut down on wasted materials and wasted space. They are also a quick housing alternative for victims of natural disasters. Provided they have plywood roofing, they can be home sweet home indeed.