How to Get Licensing For Roofing Contractors In Illinois

Needing a new roof is nerve-wracking business. You never know if the person you're paying thousands to is going to do a quality job. As soon as you mention to anybody that you need a new roof, all of the roofing contractor horror stories come out of the woodwork. If you live in Illinois, however, you can breathe a little easier. Roofers there need a license to roof. And, for those of us who wonder if anybody can get a license to roof, here's what your roofer has had to go through to get licensing for roofing contractors in Illinois.

Can Anybody Get This?

Fortunately, not just anyone can walk in off the street and get licensing for roofing contractors in Illinois. It is a long process, involving many pieces of paperwork. Remember, the Illinois state government relies on roofers, too, which is why they made sure roofers need a license. Contractors in Illinois do not need a license, but roofers do. Makes you wonder what happened to tick off the Illinois state legislature to single out roofers so.

Getting licensing for roofing contractors in Illinois requires being friendly with the Illinois Department of Regulation, which is the only place you can get an application for a roofing certificate license. The cost of the application is currently $125. You have to give detailed answers about every aspect of your roofing business. You need to take out $250,000 property insurance and $500,000 personal injury insurance and provide proof of all this insurance (sort of an insurance assurance). Then, you have to post a $10,000 bond (kind of like a really big housing deposit) to the Illinois Department of Regulation.

Now You Get To Take The Exam

Yes, you or someone representing your roofing company has to take a long at least 50 question written exam. The cost of this privilege is, depending on if you want a license for homes or businesses or homes AND businesses, around $200. If you or the designated exam taker fails the exam, you do not get this money back or get back the cost of the application.

And this piece of paper is only good for two years. Every other year, you have to do this merry-go-round all over again.

So, no, not every schmuck can get licensing for roofing contractors in Illinois. Not unless the schmuck is filthy rich, have co-conspirators who can pass the exam and nothing else better to do. After getting licensing for roofing contractors in Illinois, doing your roof will be a piece of cake in comparison.