Elk Roofing: Strength Through Maturity

Elks are big animals, known for their spectacular antlers. They don't grow this impressive headgear until they are mature enough to do so. Your roof is the crown of your house, as well as protection from the weather and other outside invaders. So why not choose for your roof materials from the mature company or Elk Roofing?

You can choose from shingles, underlay, accessories or a whole roofing system. Elk roofing and decking company started in 1955 and have weathered the changes in building materials and needs since then, adapting when needed to make a stronger and better looking roof. Depending on its condition, you might be able to lay Elk roofing products on top of your current roof, thus saving some big bucks.

A Lot Of Firsts

Successful animals in the wild adapt or become extinct. Elk roofing has not only adapted, but thrived. One of the main ways Elk has adapted is by being the first in the roofing industry to try out cutting edge materials and technology. Elk roofing was the first roofing company to offer a 40 year warranty. They also were the first to have a five year warranty against wind damage. Depending on the Elk product, the warranties can last from 30 to 50 years. They were the first to use computers in their manufacturing plants, and first to put out an asphalt shingle that was not only more energy-efficient, but in different colors.

Tracking Elk

It's a lot easier to find Elk roofing products than the animal they were named after. They have a user-friendly website ad advertise in trade magazines like Builder. Although Elk roofing is not a chain store or franchise, they do supply national and local roofing contractors. You can buy Elk roofing products directly from them, or request your roofing contractor to use Elk. Many of their divisions in America have toll free telephone numbers:

- If you live in the Northeast or the Midwest, call 800-944-4344

- If you live in the Southwest, call 888-355-5882

- If you live in the West, call 800-791-8545


Another reason to think about using Elk roofing supplies is because they win awards and high ratings. Elk shingles carry an Underwriters Laboratory Class A rating for resistance to fire and wind. Underwriters Laboratory is a non-profit agency that been around over one hundred years testing the safety of products for sale. Builder magazine awarded Elk Premium Shingles for quality for eight years in a row. Various Homeowners Associations across America chose Elk roofing products, and you can, too.