Atlas Roofing Corporation Holds Up

You need your roof to last. Picking the best materials for your roof can seem to be as nerve-wracking as trying to pick a marriage partner. And, quite frankly, you need to be absolutely sure your roof can weather storms before you make a commitment, something you can never guarantee in your betrothed. If you go with Atlas Roofing, you have the advantages of going with a roofing company that knows what you need, what your roof needs and how to make it a happy relationship.

They've Been Around

Atlas Roofing started in 1981 in America with one roof shingle factory and has since grown to fifteen factories with many products and distributors all over the world. They've spent their time and money discovering what makes a good roof in the part of the world you live in. They keep up with the latest technology while also sticking to old-fashioned values of customer satisfaction. You can get more than just shingles now. You can purchase roll roofing, polystyrene sheathing, and insulation. Atlas Roofing has been on top of a lot of roofs, so if you've got a flat roof, they know them. If you've got a slanted roof, they know them, too. Atlas Roofing supplies products for roofs over businesses as well as roofs over homes and decks. Atlas knows you need more than shingles. They know you your roof also needs proper drainage, strength, insulation and ventilation for your attic.

They're Not Going Anywhere

Atlas Roofing has distributors all over the world. They supply the roofing products to many roofing companies. Their website is user-friendly. If you're concerned about getting the best materials for your roof, you can email or call Atlas Roofing and they will let you know what suppliers are in the area. They do recommend that, unless you're a professional roofer, don't install their products yourself.

Atlas Roofing is a growing company that has established itself as a leader making roofs. All of their materials meets or exceeds the standards of Model Building Codes and National Evaluation Reports.

They've Gone Green

Atlas Roofing tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible. They comply with the EPA and use bio-degradable material in their green polyisocyanurate insulation, often called "green polysio", which is HCFC free. They also constantly review their practices to see where they can cut waste, cut transportation, and reduce greenhouse gasses. Atlas Roofing's motto "Roofing That Lasts" is also their green policy. By making long-lasting, biodegradable, weather proof roofs, they hope to cut your need for roofing materials down, therefore making less waste.