What You Need To Know About Aluminum Roofing

No, the builder doesn't take huge rolls of foil up to your roof. Aluminum roofing is lightweight, environmentally friendly, holds in heat well and the cheaper than slate or copper roofing. Aluminum is still the second most abundant metal on Earth, so manufacturing costs are low. Aluminum roofing is flexible and adjustments to it can be easily made on the job site. It is also easier to install than many other kinds of roofing systems, which saves you some money and time. Its average lifespan is 50 years, although there is still an aluminum roof going strong on the Chief Secretary's office in Sydney, Australia. It was built in 1880. Sadly, the Sydney roofer who did that building has long since retired.

Going Green

With every report about the environment that comes out, it has never been more important to go green. Aluminum roofing is recyclable, and often made from recycled aluminum. It doesn't release any toxins into the air, and any water that drips off of it isn't polluted.

You can go green with aluminum roofing in another way. It not only comes in different colors, but can be painted over.

Calming Roof Rage

It's a hard world out there for roofs, but some have it tougher than others. Some roofs have to deal with acid rain, salt water from nearby coasts, or heavy rainfall. Some roofs can't handle the pressure and corrode, grow mold or just plain leak. Aluminum roofing can handle the constant stress of aggressive weather conditions. As well as being mold-resistant, which was mentioned earlier (you were paying attention, weren't you?), aluminum roofing doesn't rust as easily as other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles.

Steel roofing and other kinds of metal roofing may be cheaper, but they do not have the strength and lifespan of aluminum roofing. Paying for a more expensive roof now should save you costs on replacing and maintaining the roof years down the line. It is not recommended to try and replace the roof yourself unless you have roofing experience. Yes, you can buy aluminum roofing without having to hire a roofer, but even the best roofing materials might as well be straw if they aren't installed properly. Check and see if you can get a bank loan. You will need a detailed estimate from your roofer to show the bank. Also check your local tax laws - you might be able to get a tax break for a major home renovation such as getting a new roof.