Voluntary Early Retirement: A Blessing In Disguise?

Sometimes employers are often forced into having to downsize their operations and in doing so may offer their employers the opportunity to avail of a voluntary early retirement program. In case this happens to you then there are several good and sound reasons why it makes sense to consider such an offer favorably. Of course, you will need to first of all get over the feeling that voluntary early retirement is a means of easing you out of service; however, with a little more forethought it might dawn upon you that voluntary early retirement can actually help launch a second career for you.

Same Old Boring Job

Often, a job can become boring and you may in fact have become sick of it and if this describes you then voluntary early retirement can prove to be a real blessing in disguise for you. Of course, before you actually agree to accept a voluntary early retirement program offer you will need to answer a simple question: just where you are planning on going next. There is however several different circumstances that can make taking voluntary early retirement seem like the best option.

Your spouse could recently have retired and so voluntary early retirement will offer you an excellent opportunity to spend quality time together with your spouse. Or, you may be interested in learning new skills if only for the pleasure of learning something new. It is therefore advisable to take a little time out to make notes of your skills and responsibilities and to then create a new resume that shows you in good light. You will be surprised how many new opportunities could come your way if you market you in the best possible manner and so a good resume is certainly an important step in the right direction.

However, the main reason why voluntary early retirement seems attractive to many people is because their financial position permits them to retire early. In case you are sure that your financial situation for the coming years is sound then the prospect of taking voluntary early retirement will seem more attractive; otherwise, you will have little option but to slog on for a few more years till you are sure that your finances are sound enough to retire early.

An interesting aspect to seeking voluntary early retirement is that many people are not even sure of what the proper early retirement age is. This is quite strange because most Americans actually believe that early retirement is an attractive proposition but yet are not sure about what age is right for retiring.