Active Retirement Living Can Increase Longevity

Active retirement living comprises packing as many activities as you can into your golden years in order to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of the remainder of your life. Retirees who enjoy active retirement living tend to live longer because they get more exercise, keep their mind stimulated and enjoy regular interaction with others. However, active retirement living is only possible if you make financial provisions for your senior years throughout your career and do your best to stay in good physical condition. It isn't generally an option for seniors who have little cash saved up or are riddled with ailments that stop them from being mobile.


Some years ago the majority of senior retirement living communities for people aged fifty-five or older were based in the state of Florida. Now there are active retirement living communities all over the United States. Therefore retirees can move into an active retirement living community in or close to the area they have lived in all their lives. That way they can remain in close proximity to all of their old friends and relatives.

An active retirement living community is more than just a place to stay. Such communities offer an abundance of different activities to stimulate the body and mind. They also have a club where retirees can meet up and socialize with each other. Active retirement living communities are ideal for retirees who want to lead full lives after their working career has come to an end.

These communities offer a much better alternative to staying alone and forgotten in an urban environment with no way to pass the time other than watching TV or reading the paper. After all, the senior years should not simply be about passing the time before death. They are a time for doing all of the things that you were always too busy to do before. To be retired is to have the freedom of a child once again.

The Cost

You may think that it costs a lot of money to purchase a home in an active retirement living community, but that is no longer the case. Now it is possible to purchase a home in a retirement community for around one hundred and forty thousand dollars. The chances are that the house you are living in now is worth a great deal more than that. Therefore moving into an active retirement living community is potentially lucrative. You can add the extra money from the sale of your old house to your retirement fund and have even more fun.