A Verbally Abusive Relationship Is Devastating to Self-Esteem

People search for relationships because they do not want to live in isolation. They look for these relationships to find love and support. People who do have loving, warm relationships usually live longer and feel better about their lot in life. Unfortunately, there are some people who thought they were entering into a warm, comfortable relationship and ended up in an abusive relationship. Some people find themselves in physically abusive relationships, and others can easily see that these relationships are awful. Their bruises and injuries are often evident to others around.

Although a verbally abusive relationship is awful, the injuries are not readily obvious as are those in a physically abusive relationship. There are different ways that a person can be verbally abusive to his or her partner. Men are more often verbally abusive in a relationship than women. A person in a verbally abusive relationship will call their partner names, but there are other forms of abuse in a verbally abusive relationship. A partner who verbally abuses their partner might order them around as if they are the superior in the relationship. The partner might also threaten the partner with physical abuse or other punishments. A partner in a verbally abusive relationship might address the partner as if they are less than human.

A Verbally Abusive Relationship Has a Lasting Effect

A person in a verbally abusive relationship suffers because of this relationship for a long time and possibly forever. People who have been affected by a verbally abusive relationship often try to stay by themselves as much as possible because they start to believe that they are unworthy. These people often believe what their abusive partner said about them. People in verbally abusive relationships start to believe that it is their fault that partner is unhappy. They also start to believe that their partner's words are accurate descriptions of them. Verbally abusive partners often say that they love their partner, but they are merely trying to control that person.

Those people who survive a verbally abusive relationship can get help from professionals who can accurately analyze the source of their problems. The person who has been verbally abused has to understand that other people have experienced the same type of relationship. They have to understand that their partner was wrong about their shortcomings. These people must realize that they were not responsible for this verbally abusive relationship.