The Pros and Cons of Teen Relationships

Everyone remembers what it was like to be a teenager. Teenage years are often filled with emotional drama, coupled with the awkwardness of puberty. Perhaps the thing that people remember most about their teenage years are their teen relationships.

About Teen Relationships

People often refer to their bygone era as "the good old days," when teen relationships were simple. Well, the truth is that no matter the era, teen relationships are never anything less than complicated.

It all begins the moment a teenager goes to high school. The girls put on some extra makeup, the boys a little extra gel in their hair (unless, of course, the disheveled look is en vogue at their high school). Yes, grades are important, but with high school comes social pressures, and those pressures include teen relationships.

One need only to look in a teenage girl's magazine for endless articles about how to get the boy of their dreams, and stories about teen relationships. If one were to listen to the media, one would think that it's bad to be single (which is certainly not true).

Teen girls are very impressionable, and as such they believe a lot of what they read. While some teen magazines will include articles about how it's good to be single, the emphasis is definitely placed on the opposite.

Teen relationships aren't all about sex, however. Lots of fun memories are formed because of good relationships, and they are the way that teenagers learn what to look for in a life partner, while finding out about themselves too.

When it comes to teen relationships from a teenage boy's point of view, although they do not have the same magazines that girls do, they still think that they have to be experienced to be considered a real man. This, again, is not true.

Promiscuity seems to be everywhere, and as such teens certainly cannot escape it. Sex is something that teens think they have to do in their relationships. However, most end up doing things they regret, and wish they had waited.

The bottom line is that when it comes to teen relationships and sex, it is the teen's choice as to whether they believe they are ready to do that. It's better to wait until the relationship has been well-established, however, because there is always the risk of getting STDs and for girls to become pregnant. Thus, if you're a teen considering having sex, be absolutely sure you're ready, and be safe.