The Student Teacher Relationship: A Very Important One, Indeed

When it comes to the student/teacher relationship, there are certain things that both must keep in mind. In order to teach effectively, for instance, the teacher must treat his or student with respect, while also asserting their dominance in the situation. If the teacher is successful in conveying this, the student will also respect them. Then, the student's mind will be most open to any lessons the teacher may have.

On the other hand, the student part of the student/teacher relationship is one where the most work is involved. The student, to learn effectively, must pay attention, must show the teacher respect and must put in all the work required in order to get the most out of whatever lessons the teacher may have.

If both the student and the teacher work together as a team, the teacher can teach the student many things and, hopefully, that student will become more wise and intelligent with each passing day. Additionally, if the teacher does a well enough job, the student may one day be able to teach others the same lesson.

Lines Must Not Be Crossed

Sometimes, in the course of the student/teacher relationship, the two become so close that it's hard not to get close to that person. However, it must be stressed that the student/teacher relationship is a very important one but it's also delicate. If any lines are crossed, either romantically, professionally, or any other type, the student/teacher relationship could transform into one that is not conducive to teaching at all. It's best for the student/teacher relationship to remain as platonic and as non fraternal as possible. That way, there is no chance that any respect will be lost between the two parties and the teaching can continue until the student has learned all the teacher has to teach.

If handled properly, however, there is nothing the student/teacher relationship cannot accomplish. With the right teacher and the right student, knowledge is passed along that will lead to more innovations to make this an easier and better world to live in.

The student/teacher relationship is one that has been proven to work over the ages. All throughout time, there have been student/teacher relationships that have produced very intelligent people. Those people now run our country and our world. Soon, with more positive student/teacher relationships, those people will be replaced with even more intelligent and capable individuals who have been taught by the best education has to offer.