Relationship Rescue Workbook: Record Everything You Can To Remain A Couple

When you are trying to save your relationship, it can be tough to remember everything you're trying to work on. Especially when so much emotion is involved, it's hard to recall both breakthroughs as well as downfalls. Both of these are important, however, when it comes to reforming that bond that both of you just had. For this reason, it's a great idea to keep a relationship rescue workbook when you are trying to save your relationship.

Dual Purposes

The relationship rescue workbook has two purposes. Firstly, it brings the two of you together because working in your relationship rescue workbook is an activity that both of you participate in. Secondly, it brings you both together because it allows you to see both the progress and the decline in communication that follows your relationship rescue attempt. But what exactly is a relationship rescue workbook?

A relationship rescue workbook needn't be anything more than a plain wire bound notebook. In this notebook, you are to write everything you can think of the other person. What brought the two of you together in the first place? What quirks or habits did you once find so endearing that you couldn't be without that person? What were you like by yourself, when you were single, and what did you like more about being a couple with that person? When you actually write these things down and share them with your partner, it has the potential to bring the two of you together again. It can reconnect that bond that was once so strong that has only been weakened with time and neglect.

As with anything, relationships take work. A relationship rescue workbook can help repair that bond you once both shared. As you work to repair your relationship, write down what works between you two and what doesn't. Write down frequent arguments and write down any solutions. Sometimes, when emotions aren't flying and you can actually see the words on the paper, things can actually be handled and thought about with a clear, logical mind. This can do wonders to repair a relationship and this is why a relationship rescue workbook works so well for many couples.

If you're not sure how to start a relationship rescue workbook, ask a relationship counselor to help you. Or, simply ask someone you know who is in a successful relationship and ask them what works for them? You may find that tips like these are all you need to make your relationship rescue workbook, and your overall relationship, work for you.