Is a Relationship Quiz Reliable?

When you browse through magazines, you will be faced by different relationship quizzes to test how well you and your partner relate, how long your relationship will last, how healthy your relationship is, how unhealthy your sex life is and other issues concerning relationships. With hundreds of relationship quizzes available online, in magazines and in pocketbooks, many people are wondering how they will know which ones are reliable. Unfortunately, a relationship quiz is one of the most sought-after columns in magazines and online websites. Since new and updated topics cover long-distance relationships, commitment issues, faithfulness, sex life and other relationship-related concerns, many men and women find it interesting to find revelations about themselves.

The Pros and Cons of a Relationship Quiz

A relationship quiz is a fun way of comparing your own relationship with other people. However, once you live by the results of these quizzes, you'll probably be in a sticky position. This is because the goal of a relationship quiz is not to ruin your current relationship, but to ensure that you are doing the right things for a relationship to work.

The problem with some relationship quizzes is that when a person takes the quiz, he or she begins to think that there's something wrong with the relationship he or she is in. While this may become true, sometimes this realization only comes because you sympathize with people who are actually experiencing those relationship problems.

You have to understand that the people who write a relationship quiz are ordinary people. Some people write them for fun, while others write them because they are experience "how to spot a cheating partner" at that exact moment. Although some of these quizzes provide relevant advices on relationships, you have to be aware that not all results that you receive from such quizzes are 100% fact, reliable and effective. You should not establish a decision that your sex life is unhealthy, your partner is unfaithful, your partner is not your soul mate and other issues from a single relationship quiz. If life worked that easily, then there wouldn't be any relationship problems to think about ever again.

Instead, take the quiz, have fun with it and communicate with your partner about certain issues that have triggered a serious realization of a possible problem you're facing. When you do this, you can give your partner a chance to communicate your concern and arrive at a practical and effective solution to clarify or solve your problems.