Asking a Relationship Question

Most people who have had a very limited amount of relationships will have questions. Some questions may be very basic and easy to answer, while others can be quite complex and demand research in order to answer the question. One relationship question often asked is how one begins having a relationship with someone else. Often this can be answered by showing the person that they already have many relationships. There are parent child relationships; there are friend to friend relationships, and many other types of relationships. When it comes to having a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, a relationship question is probably already on the tongue. The best way to answer such a question is to tell one that the relationship has to develop. There is not anything that one can do to speed things up. If as an adult, one thinks back to be in junior high school, it is easy to recollect the same feelings that other young people are asking currently. Most adults remember having the need to get going in life. It seemed to take forever for that last year of high school. Even though the need to excel in a relationship is prevalent, young people can't rush a relationship.

Answers for a Relationship Question

Once the question has been asked, the hard part begins. Someone needs to answer the question in a way that is understandable without sarcasm. Those people asking a relationship question recognize that they don't have all of the answers. This is one of the healthiest and responsible things one can do in finding answers to some hard questions. There are a lot of people who are afraid to ask questions about relationships. They may go their entire life with muddled ideas of what they think a relationship should be. Sadly, if one would ask a relationship question earlier in life, they may have had some relationships to last a lifetime. Instead of loneliness, there would be friends that care about the person and even ones health would be better. Humans are social and need to be with others.

One of the biggest complaints in most prisons is the time a person spends in solitary confinement. Without social interaction, people begin to have mental and physical problems. One can look twenty years older within just a year. It can affect some people by actually breaking them down and causing them permanent mental illness.