A Romantic Relationship and Dating Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

The old song reminds people that love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. In other words, the two really will not work unless there is a team effort fueled by important ingredients. The same is true of a romantic relationship and dating. Romance will probably not thrive without the dating that precedes a formal commitment of two people. A romantic relationship and dating provide the avenue for learning if there is a possibility of a more sustained relationship. A romantic relationship and dating can last for a couple of weeks or a couple of years.

Dating provides the opportunity to get to know another person in a variety of situations. Dating can include formal or informal activities such as a five course dinner at a famous restaurant, a picnic on the beach or a trip to the Bahamas. The dating process can include others on a double date, or it can be completely exclusive to two people. The process allows the couple time to see how the other interacts with people and how they act when they are on their own.

Relationships and Dating Are a Window on the World

Relationships and dating supply a view of the world of the other person. Dating allows a person to see the preferences of the another person. One person may insist on going to the opera or watching football on television. They probably will not change their preferences because of a wedding ring and ceremony. Relationships end up in trouble sometimes because people ignore the insights they should find when dating. They may dismiss the great interest in the opera, and one person may go to the opera because they want to prolong the relationship in spite of a difference in preferences. They believe that they will not have to go to the opera once they have made a commitment to the opera lover.

Dating is important as a foundation for a relationship. Mature people will use the opportunity to learn about another person. They will use each date as an opportunity to really find out about the motivations and beliefs of the other person. Immature people will probably take the dating experience as a time to have fun. They will miss the opportunity to find out if this person is someone suitable for a long term relationship. They might miss the opportunity that dating provides to find out important things about another person. Hopefully all people will date others to find a suitable partner if that is their goal in life.