The Love and Relationship Quiz: A Popular Part of Women's Magazines

Go to any local book or magazine store, and chances are that you will find a good amount of women's magazines to choose from. These magazines often feature fashion advice, interviews with celebrities, and love advice. However, the love and relationship quiz is often one of the most popular features of a women's magazine.

About Love and Relationship Quizzes

The topics of love and relationship quizzes vary. However, there are several common topics that love and relationship quizzes deal with. These topics include "How to Tell if Your Crush Likes You," "Is Your Relationship Meant to Last?" and "What Kind of Men are You Attracted to?"

When it comes to the love and relationship quizzes that have to tell if the guy you like, also likes you, there are several scenarios that are presented in the form of questions. For example, the question might be, "You just arrived at a party and you spot your crush. What does he do?"

You will then have to select from a series of answers, such as A) He smiles and comes over to talk to you. B) He ignores you. C) He makes eyes contact with you. D) He waves and goes back to talking with whoever it is that he was talking to. Once you are finished answering the different questions, you are provided with a rubric of scores. You are supposed to tell if he is interested by your score.

Most love and relationship quizzes are set up in that format, while some will have you fill out one part, and him fill out the other part. Then, the two of you are supposed to compare answers. Many people like to do these love and relationship quizzes just for fun, while others tend to take their results more seriously.

Some people will go so far as to take a love and relationship quiz and then break up with their boyfriend because the relationship, according to the quiz, looks like it's in trouble. Or perhaps he is not the kind of guy that the love and relationship quiz says that she should be with.

Such reactions are really too extreme, because these love and relationship quizzes that you find in magazines are just meant to be a fun way to find out some things about either your current relationship, or what you are looking for in a relationship. So, the next time you see a love and relationship quiz in a magazine and decide to take it, don't take the results too seriously, and just have fun!