How to Cope with a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is one of the hardest things a couple could face. Unfortunately, reasons such as an employment opportunity, the need of going back home due to family emergencies or educational requirements of your child are some of the reasons that months or years of separation from your partner can occur. When you and your partner are faced with the possibility of experiencing a long distance relationship, you need to plan your separation to ensure that everything will be okay. First, you should discuss all concerns, fears and problems you are feeling about the soon-to-be separation. You need to guarantee that utmost commitment towards each other will be your main concern.

Since communication is important with all types of relationships, you need to determine the schedule and method you will use for communicating. This is an important part of a long distance relationship because you will be living separate lives for months or years and it is important to keep updated with each other's lives to avoid becoming alienated with each other. If you have children, make sure to discuss about school issues, who takes care of who, financial and education matters and other concerns that may affect the lives of your children once you enter a long distance relationship.

The Secrets of Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Before separating with your partner, make sure you prepared a farewell party to let friends and family members know details about your separation. This could help both parties with emotional concerns that can possibly arise once the other goes away. When you officially entered a long distance relationship, expect to work harder to keep your relationship healthy. For instance, you have to make time to communicate with each other at least twice a week. Even if you're states or countries apart or you plan to see each other when your finances allow you. The secret of coping with long distance relationships is to create different ways to communicate. You could use regular mail or e-mail, electronic photos, videos, greeting cards and instant messaging.

If you wish to see each other on a regular basis, the most affordable way is to bring a laptop with you and use your webcam to see your family you left behind. This will ensure you won't miss your baby's first step or your son's first trophy won. If you're the one who has been left behind, you should ensure that your partner doesn't miss important events of your family. Capture photos and videos and send it to your partner to make your partner feel he or she is still part of the family even if he or she is far away. Long distance relationships are hard.

However, with commitment, patience, communication, compromise and understanding, you will never feel alienated in any way. You'll never know it…months have past and your partner is coming back into your arms.