Intimate Relationship Secrets

Relationships take hard work, and keeping the relationship intimate takes even more hard work. There are some small secrets that can be helpful in keeping ones intimate relationship healthy. Something that couples might consider is scheduling time to have fun together. Get a baby sitter or ask extended family to keep children while the couple go's out for a date. It doesn't have to be expensive or long, just schedule what one wants to do. Maybe see a movie and share popcorn, or go out to dinner and a romantic walk. Also, think about the things that worked at the beginning and plan it all for a date night. Anything that will make one laugh and bring two together will help to make couples intimate relationships grow. Something else one can do is to bring gifts home. Not on the special days, but on ordinary days when there isn't a reason to give the gift. Something else that can be done is to secretly plan an overnight trip and then surprise ones mate with the plans. These are only ideas, and they may work for some better than others. Try to be creative like when one was young, and get to work!

Some Bad Things about Planning

Consider all of the factors when planning to do something nice for ones mate. Don't schedule things on days where people are busy with evening meetings or church. While ones intentions are admiral, it won't work for nights that will be busy. Once one has spent time planning, it can make one feeling bad and hurt. Remember, it isn't ones attack on their spouse, rather the bad day and busy night. Intimate relationships grow when both spouses make time available for each other. Also, an intimate relationship takes communication and small talk. Instead of feeling down about what ones spouse was perceived as saying or doing and take the time to talk about each others needs and also what plans might be scheduled on a given night.

When a spouse wants to take ones significant other away for the weekend, don't in a moment decide to take the spouse right away. The best way to go about planning a get away is to be sly when asking ones spouse what plans they may have for any certain weekend. Check to make sure there is someone to care for children. An intimate relationship will flourish when both spouses are interested in pleasing the other.