The Many Types of an Interpersonal Relationship

An interpersonal relationship is a social connection between two or more people. It can vary in the level of intimacy and sharing. Usually it centers on something that is shared in common. Sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists study these.

The Various Types Of An Interpersonal Relationship

There are many different types of an interpersonal relationship. These include:


This type of an interpersonal relationship occurs whenever you are related, by blood, to the person.

Formalized or non-formalized intimate relationships

A formalized intimate relationship takes place when a man and a woman take the vows of marriage or a civil union. On the other hand, if a man and a woman are dating, and possibly even living together, but are not married, then this is called a non-formalized intimate relationship.

Soul mates

These are people who are intimately drawn together through a meeting of the minds wherein they feel accepting and understanding of one another. Soul mates may feel as though they are bonded together for life, as such they may be sexual partners, but the do not have to be.

Casual relationships

This is the type of relationship that extends past a one-night stand but only consists of sexual behavior. As such, this is oftentimes referred to as "friends with benefits."


This is an interpersonal relationship that is based upon mutual love, trust, respect and unconditional acceptance. As such, it is usually implied that there is some common ground between these people.

Brotherhood or Sisterhood

In this type of a relationship individuals are united in a common cause or interest. For instance, the members of a club, organization, association, society, lodge, fraternity or sorority are said to have a brotherhood or a sisterhood amongst them.

Partners or Coworkers

This form of a relationship is that which is found within the workplace environment. t can also occur whenever you are participating in a community that shares the same interests or practices.


Herein you will find the simplest, most basic form of a relationship. It takes place when you are simply introduced to someone that you may see in passing.

For each type of relationship common ground between individuals must be established. If there is no common ground, then the relationship will end. Of course, you also need the right skills to work within the type of relationship that you are involved in, and you also have to want to make the relationship work. You will feel better because of the new relationship you have formed.