What Connects Astrology and Relationships

For centuries human beings have been reading the stars, the way they are aligned in order to predict spring, summer, autumn and winter; holy wise men were appointed by the kings court to predict the perfect date to go to battle, whether they will win or not, whom should they marry and on which day. Everything was referred to the stars and their powers to influence one's mind and soul. However, can astrology play a big part in relationships; let us explore and find out what the stars have in store for us. When astrologers look up the zodiacs and compatibility of a couple they usually take in consideration every single facts such as, the hour, minute and seconds exactly when you were born in order to try and calculate how the stars and planets were aligned at that time and what influenced you most; those influences, they believe will dominate your character and your success in life.

The Connections between Astrology and Relationships

The connection between astrology and relationships comes when astrologers try and match two people in order to find out if they can complete one another so, they don't look for the same characteristics but on the contrary, opposite many times make the best couples. Have predictions with regard to the connection of astrology and relationships come true; yes and no, therefore you cannot be sure that these readings are accurate all the time.

How many of us believe in the connection between astrology and relationships, not many but it does not cost anything to read your horoscope when it is written and for free in the daily newspaper. In the ancient times however, nobody married without a prior reading from the astrologer and only if he agreed that this couple matched, only then would the marriage take place. Ancient civilizations such as, Egypt, Chinese, Greek and most of all India who practices these readings even today and many couples can only be married if their zodiac signs match completely.

Astrology And Relationships Today

In these modern times we hardly have the time and patience to match zodiacs or consult the planets and the stars; couples get together and work as hard as possible at their relationship, the only time they stop and thank their stars is when they realize how lucky they are to have married to person they did because it somehow turned out to be the perfect match.