The Basics Of Puppy Care

Getting a new puppy can be a great addition to the family. They are cute and cuddly and everybody loves them. Before bringing that new little furry bundle home, it is important to remember that they are only babies and will require a lot of puppy care.

In many ways puppies are just like babies. They are dependent on you for their existence. They need your help to feed them and teach them the things they need to know since they are the newest member of the family. They love attention so you should be prepared to give them lots of it. You will be rewarded, usually with a clean face.

Feeding your puppy is very important part of puppy care since he is developing bones and muscle as he grows. Feed your puppy food that is formulated for puppies and not adults. Remember that you can't depend on your puppy to quit eating when he is full. Some will but others will eat until they get sick. Growing puppies should probably eat twice a day but do not let them "graze" all day.

A very important part of puppy care to you is the house breaking. This requires patience, and usually lots of it. Many puppies will need to go just after they eat so this is a good time to take them out. At other times they will give you some kind of sign, sometimes they sniff around, sometimes they turn around and around before they find their spot. Watching for their sign can tell you when you need to hit the door running with them in tow. They will eventually get the message but not until they have had a few accidents. The key is to not give up and don't get mad at the puppy.

Puppy Care and Puppy Safety

Puppies and children are usually great together but it is never wise to leave small children and puppies together unsupervised. Puppies could get hurt and children could get bit. It is also very important that your new puppy gets all of his shots. Shots are a necessary part of puppy care and will help keep you both healthy. Along with shots comes the check for worms, which is something most puppies get but fortunately it is easily treated.

As your new puppy grows you will need to discuss with your vet the best option for flea protection and also heart worm protection. Heart worms are deadly and treatment is expensive and dangerous for the dog.

Puppies grow up to be dogs and many times the care they received as a puppy will determine the temperament they have when they are adults.