Whey Protein Side Effects Are Usually Minor

Whey protein gives the user a number of benefits, which is why it is as popular amongst athletes and weightlifters today. However, even in spite of the many advantages to using whey protein, if their use is not properly managed it can lead to whey protein side effects. Thus, anyone using whey protein must ensure that they take a good diet as well as exercise regularly and seek advice about their protein diet.

Putting On Some Lean Mass

You need to understand that whey protein is essentially nothing more than proteins and it contains calcium, carbohydrates, a few fats as well as a little something to make it more appealing. This gives reason to hope that there will be few whey protein side effects. The desired side effect would probably be putting on some lean mass.

However certain possible serious whey protein side effects will become noticeable with excessive consumption of whey protein, your liver could get overloaded and thus possibly damaged. Keep in mind that the liver is second only to the heart in terms of importance to your well-being and thus not something with which you can take chances.

As such, there is really not enough documented information about whey protein side effects and it may only be noticeable when a person may have an allergy to dairy proteins or cannot stand lactose. In fact, whey protein is pretty safe to use and one does not need to be unnecessarily worried about possible whey protein side effects.

The minor whey protein side effects that you may become concerned with include allergic reactions in those who suffer from intolerance to lactose or those who have an allergy to dairy products. Even though whey protein does not contain much lactose, there is nevertheless the slightest possibility that the amounts that it does have can cause whey protein side effects. Thus, if you are allergic to dairy products or lactose intolerant, you must consult your doctor before trying out whey protein products.

There is much debate going on also about possible serious whey protein side effects especially over the long term, and which is caused mainly due to over consumption rather than with whey protein itself. If consumed in excess, it may cause deterioration in the functioning of the kidneys, though there is no supportive information available from any research studies to substantiate that such is the case. Still, it can lead to kidney and liver damage if one is not careful about taking too much whey protein, which means that one should realize that overdoing anything could always result in certain amount of damage anyway.