What Is Whey Protein: Early Uses And Today's Advantages

For people who are very much interested in body building or losing weight, they may have encountered the whey protein supplements which were said to help boost their energy and their muscle mass. But really, what is whey protein and what could it really do to your body when taken religiously combined with daily regimen of exercise?

To know the answer to the question "what is whey protein" and its advantages to your body, there have been many studies about it that even professionals are attesting to its advantages.

Early Uses Of Whey Protein

To the question "what is whey protein?" probably, when you go to rural areas in Ontario, Canada years before, they may answer you that they were useless wastes from the cheese and dairy industry that they spread on the road during summer to keep the dusts down. You may find it funny, but before these whey proteins were just dumped on rivers, streams, roads, and even on the ocean because people then could not find a use for such "wastes".

In effect of this practice, the environmental hazard then alerted the government and forced them to take a closer look to "what is whey protein?" and what good could come out of these dairy wastes. Because of this, dairy producers discontinued their practice of dumping the wastes and studies about it have resulted to the first primitive whey protein powders which turned out to be unimpressive especially for body builders and nutritionists nowadays.

It is a good thing that French researchers then developed a filtering process that is called "ultrafiltration" which helps and is very effective in separating the protein from lactose and the ash, increasing the protein content of the powder for up to seventy percent. After that, the process of ultrafiltration improved and ion-exchange process that also developed to cold-temperature micro-filtering was added to the whole process that protein powders nowadays have reached ninety percent to one hundred percent of purity. This then means that they have minimal amounts of fat, ash, and lactose remaining in the final product.

Today's Whey Protein Uses

Nowadays, when you ask the question "what is whey protein?" you will not be receiving a response that may be silly such as answers that pertains to environmental hazards. Whey proteins are now used by body builders, athletes, and gym enthusiasts because it helps them in accelerating their muscle mass or content.

Whey protein is a good source of essential and non-essential amino acids which helps athletes, body, builders, and gym enthusiasts in building their muscles. And because of this, whey protein is also advised to pregnant women by their doctors to be part of their dietary supplement to ensure that their developing babies get all the amino acids that they may need.