Joining The Debate Of Protein Soy Versus Whey

When it comes to building muscle, there are many different ideas and theories about what works best. Thus, with all of the different ideas and opinions, there are bound to be debates about the topic. One of the conversations that happens most often is the one concerning protein soy versus whey. Both have a number of supporters claiming that one works better than the other. When you are getting fed so many different things about each, it is especially hard to determine protein soy versus whey and which happens to be more effective.

There are a number of websites that try to offer objective comparisons between the two. However, searching online will also bring you a lot of biased protein soy versus whey debates. It is important that you find which ones are most objective without some agenda to promote either protein soy or whey.

So Which Really Is The Best?

Websites and books that offer comparisons on "protein soy versus whey" often do so based on a number of different criteria. For instance, the people doing the grading may do so based upon factors such as biological value, net protein utilization, protein efficiency ratio, and amino acid score. These are obviously not the only things that are used to grade the two, as there are many more, but these were used to just to give you an idea of the factors included in the grading process.

Based on the aforementioned factors and others, one website claimed a winner in the protein soy versus whey debate. According to the website,, whey protein turned out to be the better protein. While you may find sites that agree with this one, you will also find ones that disagree, saying that soy is the better protein. Essentially, it is an endless debate that can only be decided on your preferences.

When it comes to protein soy versus whey, each has its own particular set of benefits. You have to decide for yourself which is better because people will continuously try to sway your opinion to the other side. Researching the topics certainly helps, but you must keep in mind that not all of these debates will be objective.

Read up on both types of protein, and if you want you can try both kinds of protein to determine which works best for you. That is really the most you can do in this fight between protein soy and whey protein.