"Optimum Sports Nutrition": The Bible For Bodybuilders

Probably you are one of the many people who are very much interested in body building or an athlete but wants to know more about your body and health but sometimes, you have a hard time in finding the right literature that could help you on your way to great body building and provide you with other essential information. Aside from having the right routine, right supplements, and right diet, it is best that you have the right source of information that could be very relevant in your quest for a great body.

Now, the Bible for bodybuilders, athletes, and gym enthusiasts is here, it is the book entitled "Optimum Sports Nutrition" which was written by Dr. Michael Colgan. The "Optimum Sports Nutrition" has become a bestseller that even famous retail stores like Target and Walmart are having a complete sold out of the book.

The Author Of The Book

You could very well be sure that the "Optimum Sports Nutrition" book is great health resource information because it was written by Dr. Michael Colgan who is a renowned scientist, author and lecturer, and is a prominent member of the Science Faculty of the University of Auckland in New Zealand during the year of 1971 to 1982. And from 1980 to 1982, he became a visiting scholar at the Rockefeller University in New York. Since 1979, he was the director of the Colgan Institute in Auckland, New Zealand and in 1982, the head office transferred to San Diego, California.

Aside from his "Optimum Sports Nutrition" book, he also wrote dozens of health books which also became bestsellers like "Beat Arthritis", "Hormonal Health", and "The New Nutrition" among others. He also has a lot of professional membership credentials that makes him a very reliable source of information when it comes to our health and body.

What Do They Say About "Optimum Sports Nutrition"

The book "Optimum Sports Nutrition" by Dr. Michael Colgan has been receiving rave reviews since the day it was launched. From therapists to athletes, to bodybuilders and mere enthusiasts found the book to be a great source especially for those who are trying to lose weight and increase their muscle mass. It was said that the book suggests a lifestyle change and not overly counting on your calorie intake that would make a great body.

Though the book may be helpful, it somehow suggests a lifestyle change that could be very radical especially for non-athletes that could take great effort to achieve the results featured in the book. But with great discipline and effort, we all know that whatever it is that we may aspire to have, we will have it and the book "Optimum Sports Nutrition" by Dr. Michael Colgan is there to guide us.