Designer Whey Protein: The Top Brand Name

Remember those old movies where the boxer would wake up in the morning and drink a glass of three raw eggs? It was a pretty obtuse breakfast to consume and it left most moviegoers shaking their heads in confusion. What people did not realize what they were seeing was the standard method of ingesting a protein supplement prior to the emergence of protein powder supplements on the market. (On a side note, whether one eats the eggs raw or scrambled, the volume of ingested protein would have been the same so the whole raw eggs thing was pretty much overkill!)

Granted, the first whey protein brands that arrived on the market were not exactly the most optimum products. In fact, they were tasteless and bland. The white protein powder (often derived from eggs) was purely tasteless and somewhat harsh. In time, flavor was added to the mix, but with the added flavor came a great deal of sugar.

This led to the potential to pack on a lot of unnecessary fat if one overdid it on the protein consumption. Of course, as time progressed, product manufacturers were able to develop better products that offered both great taste as well as the primary function of what the product is to offer: enhanced muscle growth. Of all these new and great brands, Designer Whey Protein became one of the top products on the market and one of the most successful sellers in the world today.

Why Designer Whey Protein is a Top Brand

First, Designer Whey Protein was one of the first protein mixes on the market that opted to drastically cut its sugar content. Realizing that the low carb craze was her to stay, Designer Whey Protein released a its product with significantly less carbs than what was in the other products on the market. Keep in mind, many bodybuilding gurus at the time were opposed to the low carb diet and did not like to push products that had a low carb content. Understanding the market has changed, Designer Whey Protein offered a low carb friendly product.

Additionally, Designer Whey Protein offered great variety in the flavors it offered: chocolate, vanilla, mint etc. Because of the great variety of flavors offered, the volume of choices allowed Designer Whey Protein to attract a number of new customers. Additionally, the price of Designer Whey Protein was always fair and reasonable. As such, it did not price itself out of the marketplace and reaped the rewards for such a sensible decision.