Tips on Controlling Pregnancy Weight Gain

Pregnancy will provide women with some of the best moments ever but also with some of the hardest times as you suddenly have no control over your body and mind and you turn into this person who has huge mood swings, is sleepy and tired most time and has cravings for some things you never knew existed.

Most women gain a few extra pounds during pregnancy and unfortunately losing them after the baby is even harder because you will be busy with your baby and the many things you need to do for it. Therefore, it is extremely important that you monitor your diet closely to avoid excessive pregnancy weight gain.

The Right Diet and Exercise

The golden rule of eating right and exercise applies every single time. However, when you are pregnant there will be times when it will be very hard if not impossible to control you cravings. In order to ensure your pregnancy weight gain does not become a problem after the delivery, you should try and adopt exercises that will maintain your weight. Consult your doctor and find out what is the right diet, exercise pattern and normal pregnancy weight gain for you. Depending on your weight, height and also your state of health those factors will differ from person to person.

Because you should not reduce your calorie intake, the only other way to ensure the pregnancy weight gain stays within the limits is to exercise regularly. The good part about exercising is that is does not only keep your weight off but will also provide you with an easier delivery. One of the most recommended exercises for pregnant women is walking at least for 30 minutes a day; it will result in miracles in the long run.

Losing Pregnancy Weight Gain

Losing weight after pregnancy can prove to be extremely hard as you will have the baby to care for and now you will be used to eating slightly larger portions than usual especially if you are nursing. Determination will have to take the first place here in order for you to lose the pregnancy weight gain. You can choose to join a class where you will have support and motivation from your trainer and other exercises buddies.

If you cannot afford to leave the house for that period of time your only other choice is to get a DVD with your favorite exercises and practice at home whenever you have time. Walking is the easiest exercise of all, which amazingly provides the best results. Walking can be done with the baby and just 30 minutes a day can help you get right back into shape.