Taking Your Pregnancy One Week At a Time

It may be too much to acknowledge that you are pregnant. You could be 'finally' pregnant after years of trying or you could be 'surprisingly' pregnant after not trying at all. Either way, the plethora of information out there can be overwhelming for new and veteran parents alike. Therefore, it is always a wise idea to take pregnancy a week at a time.

One of the best ways to do this is to subscribe to a free newsletter which can deliver updates about what to expect in your pregnancy this week. These emails are free and delivered right to your inbox. All you have to do is supply a valid email address (of course) and your estimated due date. Many websites like also have Dad Newsletters so they can browse through baby updates while checking stock prices or sports scores (in whatever order of priority).

These weekly pregnancy newsletters are very enlightening for new moms who would be so excited to know that this week their baby may be growing fingernails or this week the baby is the size of an avocado. It is also important for moms with previous pregnancies as it gives them a quick refresher course of what to expect at the next doctors appointment and until when it safe to travel and so on.

Just the Right Dose

A weekly pregnancy email is also the right dose of information. Daily updates may be too much to digest and may become boring after a while. Imagine 280 days of consecutive emails that your baby has grown a millimeter! Similarly, monthly emails may be too spaced out as a lot can happen in a month.

A weekly reminder is just right to absorb and retain the information and yet be able to get on with other things in your life. Many expectant couples sign up their parents for the free pregnancy weekly newsletter so that grandpa and grandma can relive the birthing experience again too.


Yes, there are advertisements (and a few annoying pop-ups too) in these newsletters as otherwise they wouldn't be free. However, most of the marketing material is baby related and you just may score a good deal on birth announcements or know when they have a sale at Gymboree.

The weekly pregnancy emails also include related links and sources where you can find out more about a particular topic that interests you. They also feature links to message boards where you can chat with other people expecting at around the same time as you.