Pregnancy Tests to Determine if Baby is a Boy or a Girl

There are many different folklore and wives tales pregnancy tests that abound on how an expectant mother can tell the sex of her unborn child. While everyone scoffs about the results, I don't know of one expectant mom that hasn't tried them just the same. These old fashion pregnancy tests use a variety of methods to determine the sex of an unborn child.

How High or How Low, Do You Really Know

The oldest and most common is the belief that how high or low you carry your baby is a pregnancy test to determine the sex of the child. It is generally agreed that if a mother is carrying her child low, then the baby is a boy. Alternatively, it the baby is carried, then the belief is that a baby girl will arrive. There is nothing to document this as a proven theory or pregnancy test, but most women will hear time and again the "experienced observation" of mothers and grandmothers about whether their child is a boy or a girl

The Heartbeat is a Strong Indicator of a Healthy Baby, but not it's Sex

Another popular pregnancy test is the rate of the baby's heartbeat. This is one test that has had some recognition from the medical community but nothing that is proven as medically sound. The pregnancy test predicts that the fetal heartbeat of boys an girls is different and that is a baby girl is due to arrive, the fetus will have a heartbeat above 140 and a baby boy will have a heartbeat below 140. However, in recent studies, many medical professionals are stating that this information is not as valid as it was once believed to be.

There are other pregnancy tests that families do for fun and enjoyment and allow for a lot of laughs once the baby actually arrives. There is a pregnancy test that makes a comparison of the right and left breast; a larger left breast means a boy while a larger right breast indicates a girl. Another old wives pregnancy test uses a pendant held over your hand or belly can indicate which sex the baby is going to be; if the pendant swings back and forth you are having a girl and if it swings in a circular motion, it is most defiantly a girl.

These types of pregnancy tests are a considerable amount of fun and added humor when a pregnant woman is well beyond the laughing phase of pregnancy. Keep in mind that none of them are scientifically based or proven and are intended for fun only.