Pregnancy Pillows are a Great Support

A pregnancy pillow can be a real life saver. There's nothing worse than being tired, swollen, sore, cranky and too large to get comfortable enough to sleep. A pregnancy pillow can help a pregnant woman position her body to relieve pressure in her spine and swollen abdomen.

There are many shapes and sizes of pregnancy pillows available. You can even pick up a standard body pillow at your local department store. A quick search of the internet can result in a multitude of choices.

What are Some Popular Choices?

Some popular pregnancy pillows are: Dex pregnancy pillow, Leachco back n belly contoured pregnancy pillow, Leachco snoogle pregnancy pillow, Leachco best rest dual pregnancy wedge, Today's mom cozy cuddler pregnancy pillow, Prince Lionheart pregnancy pillow, All Nighter total body pillow, and Plow and Hearth leg support pillow. They range in price from $10 to $100.

Most women have need of a supportive pillow soon after they begin showing. The added weight gain and changes in weight distribution can often put pressure on the spinal column resulting in painful waking hours and lost sleep at night.

Chiropractors recommend that everyone sleep with a pillow positioned between their knees to help align the spine correctly during sleep. They also suggest that no one sleep on their stomach as this puts pressure on the spinal column in many places. This can result in a dislocation of one or more vertebral disks or pinched nerves. Obstetricians also warn pregnant women not to sleep on their backs as the weight of the pregnant abdomen puts pressure on essential blood vessels and reduces vital blood supply to the baby and mother.

A great gift idea for an expectant mother would be a pregnancy pillow. Rather than wait for the baby shower, purchase a pregnancy pillow for her as soon as the word is out about the pregnancy. She may not have need of it right away but she will have it on hand if she suddenly finds one night that her belly has grown too large for comfortable sleep. You may even get a late night, teary call thanking you for your foresight.

Many companies also offer a variety of slip covers for these oversized pillows. Some features that are offered are washability- a must if the pillow will continue to be used after the baby arrives, multiple colors and soft fabrics, and even waterproofing. Expectant fathers may have to make a little more room in the bed to accommodate such a large pillow but the benefits of having a well rested expectant mother is well worth it.