Three Considerations Before Undertaking A Pregnancy Exercise Program

For the average pregnant woman, unless instructed otherwise by the doctor, the benefits of maintaining a pregnancy exercise program or starting a pregnancy exercise program can be part of a healthy daily routine. There are many benefits associated with being physically active during your pregnancy. Some of those benefits include the maintaining of your own personal health, keeping your metabolism active and the burning of excess calories that may prevent any needless weight gain during the course of your pregnancy.

In consultation with your obstetrician a pregnancy exercise program may include certain elements. Those elements include the forms of exercise that would be appropriate, revision of your activity as your pregnancy continues and warning signs.

Specific Exercises

The best forms of a pregnancy exercise program are those activities that stimulate the cardiovascular system and major muscles of the body. Examples of exercise activities which provide a perfect blend of aerobics and stimulation of the major muscles are walking and swimming.

Another benefit in making walking or swimming a part of your pregnancy exercise program is that these two activities are very passive. Therefore, the benefits of staying active are not negated by engaging in activity that may be deemed as risky.

Also, depending upon the physical condition of the mother, other forms of exercise may be appropriate. Some of those exercise disciplines may include yoga and Pilates.

Inappropriate forms of a pregnancy exercise program are those activities that may be dangerous to the health of the mother and the baby. Some of those exercise and sport activities include equestrian events and forms of skating. The danger lies in the elevated risk factor of being involved in a fall.

Revise Your Routine

In the beginnings of your pregnancy it is important to be aware of the process involved in your baby's development. The first few months of the pregnancy is a critical time in which the internal organs of the baby are being formed.

This is vital information in the light of certain scientific laboratory studies conducted on animals. Results of these studies suggest a strong correlation between the development of birth defects in the early stages of pregnancy when the body overheats. Although not proven, it is recommend that a pregnancy exercise program abstain from routines that cause the overheating of their bodies especially during this critical time of the baby's development.


There are certain warning signs that may indicate that your pregnancy exercise activity is too strenuous or is being overdone. Those indications include bleeding from the vagina, blurriness of sight, feeling light headed, contractions, etc. If these conditions persist, following the completion of your exercise regimen, you should contact your physician right away.