Forty Weeks and Counting - The Fun of a Pregnancy Calendar

A pregnancy calendar is an exciting way to monitor and learn about the tiny little life that is living inside of your womb. There are many ways to utilize a pregnancy calendar and there are many varieties of calendars to choose from. Take time to do a bit of research and experimentation which style best fits your needs. Your pregnancy is a wonderful learning and growing experience for both you and your baby, don't want to forget one minute of it. A pregnancy calendar teaches you about the baby's growth and development, the changes your body is making and what to expect in the days ahead. It is really a matter of how the information is presented to you that varies in the different pregnancy calendar styles.

Online Pregnancy Calendars are Informative and Fun

There are a great variety of online pregnancy calendars; some arrive in your email daily and others weekly. There isn't any rule about how many you can sign up with, so if you have the time, sign up with a bunch and see which one you choose to follow for the next nine months. If you enjoy more than one, there isn't any reason not to get as many as you can enjoy. Another fun online pregnancy calendar is the Chinese Lunar Pregnancy calendar, which is believed to determine the sex of your unborn child. It is the common belief that this calendar was removed from a royal tomb in Peking china over 700 years ago. The original documents are now kept on display in China's Institute of Science. Many people believe that it is 99% accurate but this opinion has never been proven. Even with that in mind, it is a fun website to visit and use to predict your baby's sex; you've got a 50% chance that it's correct.

The Journal Pregnancy Calendar Is a Keepsake Once Baby Arrives

Journal style pregnancy calendars are really nice to have for notes and ideas that you make on the road, at home and in the office. Having a journal allows you to write down personal notes, thoughts, ideas and things that you want to share with the baby once he/she arrives. It is a great way to organize details such as doctor appointments, important telephone calls, ideas for names, general baby equipment, clothing and other needs and decoration ideas for the baby's room. A journal style pregnancy calendar allows the inclusion of written notes on your own health, baby's movement, food cravings, funny thought or comments you hear or think to yourself. It is also a great keepsake to share with the baby once he/she gets old enough to want to hear stories about their birth.