The First Signs Of Pregnancy Is Missed Period

Have you been trying to get pregnant? Well the first sign that you achieved your goal of pregnancy is missing your period. Most women know exactly the day their period is expected to start. This is also the day that you are able to take and receive accurate results of a home pregnancy test. Some women may "spot" during the first month of pregnancy. This is usually the only time it is normal to bleed. Although it is rare, some women may bleed throughout their entire pregnancy. If this happens to you, you should consult your physician so that they can monitor your pregnancy. The first sign of pregnancy you may experience is nausea and this is a common complaint of pregnant women during the first trimester. You should remember to always replenish your fluid intake if you experience vomiting during pregnancy. When you vomit, your body and your unborn baby will lose the electrolytes that are needed to stay healthy.

Sore Breasts Are Often the First Sign of Pregnancy for Many Women

Most women notice that they have sore breasts. This is the first sign of pregnancy for many. Your breasts may even well, and this is normal and should not alarm you. You are going to experience a difference in your breasts for the next nine months, so just learn to deal with it. One way is to wear a bra that fits you correctly and offers the support you need. You should know, that your breasts will become enlarged during the next few months, but that is normal, and it is only because you are about to produce milk. The blood flow increases and this can cause minor discomfort. If it is anything more than that, you should consult your physician to be sure you are progressing normally.

I'm Pregnant, Now What?

After you are sure you are pregnant, the first thing you should do is get some prenatal vitamins. Your unborn baby needs certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and it is your job to see that they get it. The first sign of pregnancy should warrant a call to your doctor. They will help you figure out how to proceed from here. Depending on how far along you are, you may be able to hear the fetal heartbeat at your very first appointment. Your doctor will also inform you of the proper prenatal care.